We create the best kettle corn in the whole state. One handful will change your popcorn experience.  Abe's Kettle Corn is a special popcorn with a light dusting of salt and sugar.  We intend to introduce all the uninitiated to this very unique experience.

Upcoming Event

Hidden Springs
Farm Fall Fest
        Sunday, October 8th, 1:00-5:00 pm
                                                     at the Community Barn
                                       Hidden Springs
                                                    Haunted Happenings
                                                    Friday, October 27th
                                                    at the Community Barn

Cast Iron Kettle

Kettle corn is traditionally made in cast iron kettles. The corn pops very quickly in the hot kettle and produces a noticeable sweet crust on the popcorn. There is no replacing this step if you want true kettle corn.

Copper Kettle

Our copper kettle has a distinct appeal of elegance and a very practical purpose. 
 Copper distributes heat better than other metals which allows the popcorn to be salted and held in the perfect environment until bagged.


Kettle Corn 
Can be counted as a carbohydrate for diabetics.